The Pillars of the Earth

The realization of the exclusive DVD presentation of the film “The Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett relied upon the concept and know-how of KIEKER event technology.
The elaborate realization of the event took place amidst the spectacular atmosphere of the Allerheiligen Church Royal in the Munich Residenz. It was carried out in collaboration with the Munich-based trendhouse EventMarketing agency. With invitations issued by Universum Film, select representatives from distribution and trade industries experienced how the chapel royal was slowly but surely transformed into a cathedral hall through the use of impressive projections


At first it seemed as if there was an open view of the passing starry sky across the two open main domes. The vault and apse were formed and completed right before the guests’ eyes via projected images. Indeed, having watched the creation of large-scale murals and ceiling frescos, the audience was able to experience the completion of the cathedral structure.
The visual transformation was accompanied by choral singing and an eight-channel sound collage that provided the suitable soundscape and also created the impression of being present at a medieval construction site.
Following this, an exclusive 45-minute HD film screening with surround sound took place.

Production & Technology

In addition to the technical implementation, KIEKER event technology was also responsible for the production and programming of the content. The graphics and animations - customized to the size of the room - were created in advance and were distorted to the point where they could perfectly fit into the arches and domes. The content for all of the projectors was synchronized precisely via the Watchout system.
The film screening was in full HD using a Panasonic PT-DZ610E HD DLP projector, the feed was handled by a SONY SRW 5800 HDCAM SR player.
The lighting technology had the task of accentuating the architecture and creating a pleasant ambience. This was done by means of LED technology, profile spots and Fresnel lenses. The control of the more than 1000 channels here was handled using an e:cue system.

Background Information

Ken Follett’s historical drama about the construction of a cathedral in the fictitious English city of Kingsbridge stretches over a period of four decades in the middle of the 12th century. This dramatic saga is characterized by the bloody events surrounding the War of Succession following the death of Henry I. It impressively recounts the contradictory interests of those involved in the construction of the church.
The Germany premiere of the four-part TV event “The Pillars of the Earth” was shown on SAT.1 in November 2010. It reached a huge audience share.