Sound that speaks volumes

We want the audience in the last row to be able to hear as well as guests seated in the front.

We master all aspects of excellent speech and music transmission. We ensure that the sound will be authentic, clear and understandable and we are able to realistically gauge the necessary expenditures.
For live transmissions, we always have additional atmo microphones on hand to avoid having the audience’s applause end with the speaker’s exit from the stage.

When we choose our staff, one of the criteria is an immaculate appearance and impeccable conduct.

We warrant flawless communication between the numerous trades involved – not just in front of the stage but also backstage and in the service areas. Wireless or wire-based intercom systems are minutely planned by KIEKER event technology. The radio circuit will be always be determined jointly with the customer – this is how we ensure that the cloakroom attendant’s voice won’t be heard in director’s channel.