Technology for the kubus IT annual workshop in Bayreuth

We eagerly accepted the challenge of technically executing kubus IT’s annual workshop 2010 plus the subsequent evening event in Bayreuth Oberfrankenhalle.


As an IT service provider in the field of health insurance, kubis IT covers the three German federal states of Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia. These regions, their specialties and their distinctive cultures were to be introduced and presented in an original way. The entire event was held under the theme “Clients and Integration” at the company headquarters in Bayreuth. In addition to this, employees were to be brought up-to-date on current developments and kubis IT’s business outlook. Beyond this the company’s intention was also to encourage a merging together beyond the confines of separate work sectors and the different regions involved.
Requirements & Concept
An “interactive show” concept was specially designed for the client. Five-hundred participants were to be distributed among smaller groups of 15 to 20 members each and compete as teams against one another in a knowledge quiz. The technology used had to meet the following requirements:

  • Feedback for the individual participants in real time
  • The correct result was to be comparable with the other teams’ answers without delay and be graphically-displayable


With SwarmWorks’ optical signal detection, all 500 participants were able to answer the relevant questions in real-time. The teams were networked using iPads. The workshop day was rounded off with SwarmGaming and SwarmPolling sessions.
A 12.5m wide and 5m high panorama screen provided for an impressive image. By selecting a special rear projection screen it was possible to homogeneously project the HD image content without a hotspot using 4 Sanyo 15.000 AL projectors. A DiVentix II Digital Multiscreen seamless switcher handled the full-screen stage background and the picture-in-picture content such as live images and charts.
To perfectly reproduce the presentations and podium discussions acoustically, we opted for L-Acoustics’ V-DOSC line arrays. Additionally, 12 wireless SHURE UR jacks were used. The new KSM9 condenser capsule proved effective for voice with the UR2 handheld transmitters and Countryman E6 headsets because of its inconspicuous optics.
The lighting concept envisioned pleasant lighting for the workshop areas as well as camera-suitable stage illumination. The location was bathed in an atmospheric light during the evening event.
The Bayreuth-based folk-rock group “Broken Feelings” provided entertainment while guests enjoyed regional specialties. The winning team was duly celebrated on stage and DJ Ott heated up the crowd as the event slowly wound down. A cocktail bar featuring back-lit string curtains proved to be a visitor magnet until the early morning hours.


The event’s concept left participants with a resoundingly positive impression. When asked whether another event like this should be staged, an overwhelming 93% answered with “yes.”