360 Degrees – Gaining New Perspectives

It was under this motto that E.ON Energie AG’s two-day corporate convention for 1000 European executives took place at Munich’s Zenithhalle.

In cooperation with the circ GmbH & Co. KG agency from Wiesbaden (first place in the Blach Creative rankings for 2008 and 2009), we provided support during the corporate convention with lighting, sound and all of the video technology used in the plenum, workshop rooms, topic areas, in the lounge and catering zones, the evening venue, as well as the outdoor facilities.


What was to be demonstrated is that it’s not a single focus that leads to the goal; indeed, it is continually changing perspectives that create a 360° overall picture. Among other things, two stages facing one another were projected upon alternatively. Revolving wall elements in the form of a light band were to visually introduce and aid this change of direction.


The task was to seamlessly link a mere four-meter-high light band with two large projections. Both stages and the plenum were to be bathed in a non-glare light suitable for camera use. The sound for both playing directions was to be set up accordingly. The change of perspective (stage switch, 180° change of viewing direction) was to be supported visually – but also acoustically - while integrating the light band, the projections and the entire room lighting.


1000 meters of traverses were necessary to incorporate all of the media technology.
13,800 individually controllable LEDs were used to create a homogeneous projectable light band.
Both stages were equipped with three each DLP 16:9 Panasonic PT-DW 10.000 projectors, two d&b line array systems (Q1/QSub and A7 as delay), a complete digital video control system and camera rigs (Sony DXC D 55) that constituted the heart of technology used for alternating projections on the stages.
The plenum, the stages and the lounge/catering area were perfectly illuminated with glare-free light using approximately 500 KW steps and profile illumination.
At the peak, 50 transmission chains were in use simultaneously in the plenum and workshop rooms.
For the accreditation and the 4 large topic areas, the plenum was expanded by means of a largely transparent tent. The entire event technology, including heating, was carried out.
What would an event be without a sophisticated communication system? Sixty cable-bound and wireless Motorola radio systems guaranteed smooth running operations.


This event was honored with the BEA Blach Report Event Award 2009. We are delighted to have made a contribution to its success.